Exercise is what to do if you got problem with thigh fat

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Exercise is what to do if you got problem with thigh fat

Сообщение kakaroto » 15 ноя 2021, 13:14

Many women dream of having slim thighs and legs. However, complaints of having big thighs are also not small. Some people feel that their thighs often contain more fat than other areas of the body. As a result, the thighs also look big.

The cause of large thighs can indeed be caused by fat deposits. Fat in the thighs is also often more difficult to lose. So, what makes some people don't have big thighs while others do? How do you get rid of thigh fat? Is there a right choice of exercise to reduce thighs? Check out the full review below.

There are various causes of large thighs ranging from genetic factors to lifestyle. The lifestyle here includes the pattern of exercise and the food you consume. Bone structure, fat distribution, and muscle mass are the main factors that determine the size of your thighs. The main reason why your thighs are bigger than other areas of your body is probably due to fat deposits. Everyone has a different tendency in the mechanism of fat storage in the body.

This usually depends on heredity and hormone levels, launches from the Journal of Nutrition, Health, and Aging. People with a pear-shaped body tend to store fat more easily in the thighs and buttocks. Meanwhile, people with a body shape like an apple tend to store fat in the abdominal area. This may be due to the higher estrogen levels in pear-shaped people. Apart from genetic factors, fat in the thighs can also be formed due to calories in more than calories expended. Given that you can't set the ideal fat storage area, there are still several things you can do to get the ideal thigh shape. Doing certain sports and other exercises to shrink the thighs can help.

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